Large Meeting & Board Rooms

Executive Racetrack Tables
LCD Displays & Whiteboards
Wireless High-Speed Internet

Large Meeting Rooms & Board Rooms

oHive Board Rooms are designed to facilitate mid-sized group meetings, trainings and video conferences.  A typical Board Room at oHive seats from six to twelve (6-12) guests comfortably.  Our Board Rooms are adorned with executive task chairs and race track style tables. They are equipped with white boards, LCD displays, telephone handsets, white noise machines, pens and note pads.

Our friendly receptionists will intake your guests, seat them in our reception area and notify you of their arrival. Our onsite staff will help you with your a/v needs and get you online. They can stock the room with bottled waters, prepare carafes of coffee or order a catered breakfast, lunch or dinner. From a new set of markers to a/v chords and dongles, from extra chairs to emptying the trash our professional staff is here to help.

Booking is easy. Members have access to an online booking portal. Non-members can fill out the online request form or call the dedicated conference room booking line. After-hours and weekend bookings are available.

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A variety of sizes and locations available on demand. Fill out the form or give us a call and we'll get right back to you!
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Conference Room Pricing
  • Room Type Starting price
  • Board Room - Pease Tradeport

    6-12 Persons
    Starting Price
    $30/hour - $150/day
  • Board Room - Downtown Portsmouth

    6-12 Persons
    Starting Price
    $30/hour - $150/day
Included with our Large Meeting Rooms
  • LCD Projectors & Displays


    Playing Fortnite and hosting Fantasy Football drafts are always more fun on the wide-screen. OK, truth be told, most of our clients use our projectors and displays to present or host important multimedia meetings, but I could swear I’ve occasionally seen warriors, zombies and QBs on screen as well.

    oHive features fully networked conference rooms with big-screen projectors or LCD displays (depending on room size), with Apple TV and HDMI cables hooked to our displays for easy plug-and-play. For those looking to turn our rooms into a video conferencing solution, you can ask for conversion dongles or cables at the front desk to connect to our displays. And if you’re concerned whether your system will work with our system, we provide a free consultation to see if we can help put your mind at ease.

  • Apple TV


    Don’t get up, no seriously (unless you’re a PC guy). Apple TV’s allow you to connect wirelessly to our LCD Projectors and Displays. Just sit down with your Mac, hit the airplay icon on your desktop, turn on the TV via remote (we’d hate to see you get up) remember which room you’re in, a corresponding code will come up on that TV or Projector, enter the code and your computer screen will be displayed.  This and other standard Apple TV functionality is available in all conference rooms.

    Isn’t modern technology so cool? For those of you with PC’s sorry but your going to have to stay tethered for now.

    Sit-back and relax, oHive’s always looking to make your life a little easier!

  • Handsets & Speakerphone


    We love our cell phones but let’s face it, it’s not fun doing hour long conference calls from them.  At oHive, we provide a local phone number, a digital handset and an extension for everyone who has a station.  Our high-end phone system allows you to program just about anything you can dream of, you can forward calls, you can conference in participants, you can program a voice-mail tree and of course you have speaker phone too.

    Everyone at oHive who has a phone, at least has an auto-attendant which turns into a VM attendant at night. And although it has those features set-up, you can choose to bypass those features and forward straight to your cell phone.  Many of you don’t know what a handset is anymore and others of you don’t remember how to use them. Don’t worry our team will manage it all and are happy to train you back up. We can even give you a pamphlet on how to use it in case you are in an after-hours jam.

  • Networkable


    When wireless internet just isn’t enough. Our conference rooms and offices are hardwired and networkable.  Millions of miles of Cat 5e, Cat 6 and Cat 6a wires have gone into our oHive facilities.  We have state of the art server rooms that allow us to create isolated networks wherever and whenever we want.

    Sometimes there are extra set-up fees, but they are nominal and most importantly if you want it, we can almost always get it done.  Depending on the application, sometimes we have the hardware, sometimes we ask you to provide the hardware.

    How do we figure it out.  We set-up a free-consultation prior to your office set-up or conference room time. We determine how customized your set-up needs to be and we offer you as many options (price-points) as we can. Before we do anything we make sure your team and our team are comfortable with the set-up, the hardware, the security and the price.  Then we move on to making it happen… in harmony.

  • Coffee, Water & Beverages


    I don’t know about you, but getting work done without a coffee, water or drink by my side, is darn near impossible.  At oHive we try to limit the distractions by bringing the beverage service to you. From coffee brewed fresh all day to our filtered water systems on every floor, we’re not going to let you go thirsty.  We also have beverage coolers stocked with your favorite sodas, vitamin waters, seltzers and iced teas.

    Additionally, we can make sure your conference room is stocked with air pots of coffee and hot water, maybe even some breakfast juice or a mid-day drink buffet, all you have to do is ask.

    Let oHive keep you caffeinated and hydrated, so you can get to work.

  • Convenient Parking


    Need parking? We’ve handpicked our facilities based on convenience and proximity to parking. Whether it’s surface parking at Pease or the downtown parking garage at Fleet St., we’ve negotiated the best rates possible and happily manage the process for you.

    Parking can be a headache! At oHive our goal is to manage the distractions, so you can get to work. From setting up the contracts, to paying the bills, we’ve done everything we can do to simplify the process. We’d drive you, if our insurance would let us. If it’s still too stressful, we’ve got bike racks and scooter parking. If all else fails, we’re happy to call you an Uber!

  • Kitchens & Cafes


    Your husband packs you a lunch, what a sweetie pie. But oops, he forgot to pack you a can opener and a soup spoon. Don’t worry, our stocked kitchens and eat-in cafes are there in a jam. From microwaves and kitchen supplies to refrigerators and paper towels, we’ve got you covered and we keep them cleaned and stocked.

    There are plenty of things that are annoying to deal with when you are trying to start a business or open a remote outpost. None more so than having to trek to a grocery store to pick up supplies or clean up a co-worker’s old guacamole from the fridge. At oHive, we’re removing the distractions one by one, so you can get to work.

  • Premiere Locations


    Let’s face it, it’s all about the zip code.  Whether it’s Wall Street, Rodeo Drive or Greenwich Ave the right address can give you instant credibility. oHive has premiere addresses and locations at:

    • Downtown: 155 Fleet St., Portsmouth NH
    • Pease Tradeport: 1 New Hampshire Ave, Portsmouth NH
    • More to come

    Don’t give a hoot about prestige, I can’t say we do either, that’s why we make sure our locations are convenient too. We make sure to choose premium locations, with access to parking, restaurants, gyms, transportation and other amenities. We always make sure we’re near the party.  Come on down and see for yourself, book a tour today.

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Nerd-1-1 - Jeremy Loomis Managing Partner, Nerd11

“We started at oHive as did many of our client and vendor relationships. With offices at both locations we were able double our business under one simple agreement. They’ve made managing our infrastructure too easy”

Hubspot - Chris Battis Director of CMS, Hubspot

“We knew we needed office space in Portsmouth, what we didn’t know was how much, for how many and how long.  oHive’s custom solutions got us on the ground quickly and scaled with us as we tweaked our plans.”

Blue Water Mortgage - Roger Odoardi Partner, Blue Water Mortgage

“From loan closings to employee demands, we knew we needed a Portsmouth office. oHive had premiere facilities and addresses with flexible, easy to book conference rooms. oHive was the only solution that made sense.”

Bean Group - Michael Bean President, CEO, Bean Group

“We didn’t want the expenses or headaches of managing an office while we focused on our vision. oHive took care of the office and critical infrastructure allowing us to focus on building a premiere online real estate solution”

Geneva - Silvio Pupino US, Director of Sales & Marketing, Geneva Lab

“Opening a US sales office was a major commitment. oHive eased our concerns by providing us an instant presence, admin support, phone answering and IT help. Our Sales Team was able to hit the ground running.”

Blue Water Mortgage
Bean Group